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Patrick Moreno

Recently graduated with a diploma in the Digital Design & Development program at BCIT. I’ve had a genuine curiosity towards programming and it has become a passion of mine. I have been interested in graphic design early into my youth and have recently developed a love for audio and video.

Have a look at the three disciplines I have taken a great deal of interest in (and have produced amazing results in).


Featured Work

Mobile Application – Walk

Mobile App for Android What is it? A safety application to enhance the users personal safety when traveling on foot to their destination. With the tap of a button locations of recent crime or events happening now or in the…

SaaS Application – Inventory Management App

SAAS Application What is it?An application to keep track of what is in inventory. It can add or delete items off the list as well as edit and search. The user has an option to save the list so when…

Website Application – Paladine

Educational Website What is it? A website that educates visitors about breakfast cuisines around Asia. Because the first letter of Patrick, Angus and Lorenzo make up PAL, combined with dine for food we came up with Paladine. What did i…

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